5 Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning can sometimes get a little too much so we have put together our favourite tips from our clients and ourselves to help you make your wedding planning run smoothly! As wedding photographers we have seen our fair share of weddings and hold so many tips to help the day be as fun as can be. Whether you’re getting married in Cornwall or holding a ceremony abroad in Europe, these tips will help you along you’re wedding journey. 

1. Book your suppliers early

If you have had your eyes on a wedding photographer or hair stylist, make sure you book them early so you can get what you dreamed of. Suppliers get booked up so early, so once you’ve booked you can relax a little and enjoy the process!

2. Make it personal

The day is all about the two of you so try and include as much of your personalities as you can! It really makes the day even more special when you’ve put your own touch on the day.

3. Choose the best photographer that suits you

The photos are how you will relive your day and see some parts that you missed. It’s so important to nail your photographer. Find someone who understands exactly what you want and matches with your personalities. It will make the day so much more fun and the memories even more special!

4. Delegate

You don’t want to be organising on your wedding day, so try and delegate tasks on the day as much as possible. That’s what your groomsmen and bridesmaids are for! Some venues are incredible at hosting so use them as much as possible. It means you can fully enjoy the day!

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

You can sometimes find yourself getting too caught up in it all, so remind yourself what your wedding is really about, celebrating the marriage of your love. The day goes by so quick on the day, those things you ran out of time for or didn’t go as planned won’t even go noticed. Everyone is there to have a good time, so as long as you’re having a good time, the rest doesn’t matter!